undeadseanbean replied to your photo: “a good pet”:
i cant believe dread is posting this

i cant believe robin didnt reblog it

a good pet

a good pet

firesighn replied to your photo: “got my collar from creepyyeha <3”:
mmmmm I love collars are you going to put anything on the hoop they have for pet tags? I put a fake key on mine

haha i dont know if it really is up to me! i dont have anything in mind but if robin wants to put something on there they can uvu

A message from aqualung-skies
omg ur eyebrows are amazing, can u please do a tutorial one day? xx :)

i could but i…….. dont know how i would explain how i draw them BC LITERALLY I JUST………. TAKE A BRUSH………… AND DRAW ON TOP OF THEM………………….. following the natural curve of the eyebrow and making them thicker at the front like thats literally all i do wehh i dont know how thatd make a worthwhile tutorial :’)))

one more pic cause i love it so much

one more pic cause i love it so much

got my collar from creepyyeha <3

A message from mater--tua
Does this mean we can expect some spanking and tears in the future because hot damn :Q

I DONT KNOW!!! maybe!!! hopefully??? (i was more talking about ME than drawings u know but maybe ill draw it too)

things i find myself interested in despite being freaked out by them before, part 2478: spanking

A message from Anonymous
Do you enjoy penetration? If so, is it more about the length or girth for your enjoyment? If not, what would you rather do?

i do like it yeah! i guess its more about girth for me just bc the feeling of being full is so nice and even when im just quickly jerking off i need to stick my fingers in bc its just so much nicer that way…………….

so yea i dig it a lot but i cant get off just from it you know